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Denis Ark | Kung Fu


Private One on One Classes
are available.


Private Kung Fu Rates:

$30 per Half-Hour

$60 per Full-Hour


* Special Discounted Packages are available 

* Sign-up with a friend and split the cost

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Shaolin Invincible | Denis Ark


The study of Kung Fu is not just self-defense, it is a lifestyle. The style we train is called Hung Ga Kuen (Hung Fist), which is similar to the Kung Fu shown in the old school  Shaw Brothers movies, and cartoons like Kung Fu Panda.


This style of kung fu is based on the five animal system (tiger, crane, dragon, snake, and leopard) deriving from the Tang Fong lineage in Hong Kong.


This is a traditional martial art that can be made PRACTICAL in today's MMA world because it contains realistic methods that anyone can learn and use in combat.


Another really great benefit of Hung Fist is that it also contains weapon forms and applications, such as the Chinese Broadsword, Bo-Staff, Trident, and Twin Short Swords.  The wielding of weapons helps develop your coordination and agility.


As far as the lessons go, I try to keep it fun, but intense. I'm not a guru; therefore, I'm not driven by my ego.  My purpose is to teach you because I enjoy it, and I want you to enjoy it as well.


All of the techniques I'll show you are traditional yet made practical, so they can translate if you ever have to use them in self-defense situations.


Furthermore, as a practitioner of various disciplines, sometimes I sometimes blend concepts from other styles, such as Boxing, Kickboxing, Jeet Kune Do, and Kali.


Here we train for the overall quality of traditional kung fu that was passed down from the now-defunct Southern Shaolin Temple in China.  To perform kung fu requires tremendous discipline, which means investing, time, effort, and energy.


Kung Fu has other aspects other than fighting like exercise, strengthening the mind and body, and cultivating internal health. 


Since there is so much depth involved, it becomes practice that lasts a lifetime, which takes excellent strength and self-discipline.


My goal as a trainer is to provide those interested in learning — with a fun, safe environment to explore and develop themselves. 

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