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Denis Ark | Meditation | Kung Fu

"I now renounce the world and step out on the true path

To live and to learn and attain the truth, light and love

My worldly cares are gone, in return I have grace

I vow to help all, so they may see the way."

- Zen Mantra


Need help with your meditation?

Meditation begins with breathing because we can sync the mind and body and create a harmonious experience through rhythmic breathing. 


Our anxieties and stresses can disappear when we can connect our thoughts with our breath.  For this reason, it's important to learn how to breath because if you are not breathing correctly, you will not achieve the mental peace that attains the higher level of spirituality you seek.


Meditation increases our mental and physical vitality.  We can use this exercise to:


  • Pray

  • Visualize Goals

  • Create Plans

  • Ponder the treasures that make life better.

  • Think of ways to create better relationships with those around you.

Meditation can help you heal many stresses, anxieties, and sicknesses that hinder you from being your best.



I create a comfortable atmosphere for you to take a time out from life for just thirty minutes, so you have time to relax, think, and enjoy freedom of mind, body, and spirit. 


The thirty minutes consist of Qigong breathing, a Chinese breathing exercise similar to Tai Chi that helps improve health and wellness, followed by a sitting meditation.

The benefits of meditation include:

  1. Increases brain functionality.

  2. Decreases anxiety.

  3. Reduces stress and depression.

  4. Improves memory loss.

  5. Increases attention span.

  6. Reduces symptoms of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder.

  7. Helps lower blood pressure.

  8. Helps reduce coronary heart disease.

  9. Helps relieve insomnia.

  10. Helps reduce PMS symptoms.

  11. Helps relieve chronic back-pain issues.

  12. Increases employee productivity.

  13. Reduces school suspensions.

  14. Helps people fight food, drug, and alcohol addiction.


My Training Methods Work!

I have over 20+ years of meditation experience.  Let me help you increase your vitality and attain a higher level of spirituality.


Meditation Consultation Rates:

$30 per Half-Hour


* Special Discounted Packages are available 

* Sign-up with a friend and split the cost

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