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"Denis has been my personal trainer now for almost 5 months. I'm not very good at motivating myself to go to the gym anymore, but when I have a steady appointment, it forces me to get in shape. Denis is very good at taking your goals and turning them into a great series of focused workouts tailored to your needs and abilities. He's also so easy to get along with. Anyone trying to get in shape that can't quite get to the gym or stick to a steady workout plan, I highly recommend you go talk to Denis."


-Terri Pinon  (Personal Training)


"Denis Ark is a great person and teacher. He shows us respect, humility, confidence, and awareness. This is a family oriented academy. I have all my children there and over a one year transition, they became more confident and strong. Thank you Denis for the good job you're doing with my kids. I recommend anyone with children to come to this academy. This isn't just a place to hit and kick. This is a place where you're children will learn discipline, confidence, and respect. In which all these tools will help them to protect themselves and be a better person."

-Marcos Badillo  (Martial Arts & Boxing)



"After going to Invincible Ark Fitness, I knew there something different about this place.  I have been exercising for years but for the first time I reached my fitness goals.  Denis, the  owner modified my meal plan to help lose the weight I had been struggling to lose.  He sat down with me and explained exactly what I can do to fit my lifestyle and still reach my goals.  I never thought during nursing school I'd be able to keep up with the meal plan but Denis helped me incorporate ideas to keep on track.  His classes are unique because they are a combination of cardio and toning.  You can try boxing, yoga or even kung fu, there's always something different to try.  I really enjoy the total body fitness class, after taking it for months now I have seen dramatic results.  I would definitely recommend this place to anyone, if you want a variety of fitness options and personal attention."


-Gianna Sandomenico  (Personal Training & Kickboxing Classes)



"Everything at this academy is amazinggggggg. It helps you build up self confidence and be able to protect yourself and your loved ones. I recommend everyone to come and check it out."


-Anne (Kelly) Badillo  (Martial Arts)



"I have been with Denis now for 3 months and I just love it! I have lost 25lbs and I feel much better and stronger. Denis always has a smile on his face and knows just how far to push me in my workout, He is extremely knowledgable, and...I recommend him to beginners and non beginners. You won't be sorry."


-David Metzger  (Personal Training)



"Invincible Ark- Great place to work out (see results!!), build relationships & have an awesome time! You will definitely feel right at home from the second you walk in. Small studio setting, with individual attention, and workout plans/ ... Denis Ark is an amazing trainer who takes time to get to know you & your goals. Definitely a place worth checking out, and being a part of!"


-Jennyfer Sherrer  (Kickboxing Classes)



"One week in and I love it. Personal training in a small class environment. No judgement just motivation!"


-Aida (Rosie) Ortega  (Kickboxing Classes)




"Love the Yoga!!!"


-Danna Alterman  (Yoga Classes)



"Going to Invincible Ark Fitness has been an amazing experience. Denis is a really good coach he really helps a person focus better on improving their fitness goals. One thing that I have enjoyed the most is the different classes each day boxing kickboxing et. Highly recommend anyone who is looking to gain muscle or lose weight to join Invincible Ark Fitness."


-Adrian Evans  (Kickboxing Classes)



"Great place to work out! Not only are the instructors Denis & Brett really knowledgeable and encouraging, but the people they attract to their class are friendly as well! I take the Boxing Fundamentals class every Tuesday night and look forward to it all week. The thing I wanted to make sure of was that this wasn't a cardio boxing class because I'm more interested in learning the techniques, and there is a lot of it taught in class. There is a lot of cardio in the beginning of class, but it's necessary. My favorite part of class is when we do focus mitt work and also the round robin bag work and drills are awesome. There aren't any meat heads that I've met so far which is nice. I would highly recommend this place to anyone."


-Jean Pierre Mendoza  (Boxing Classes)



"Denis is a great trainer! Highly recommend this establishment. I am truly amazed when I look in the mirror at the transformation of my abs and arms."


-Agnes Mella  (Personal Training)



"Best trainer I've ever had! I've never been so pleased with a fitness studio as I am with this one. Denis is great and really takes his time with you. He works you out on your level but also challenges you at the same time. I joined mainly to lose weight and only after a week of taking his classes, I already feel lighter and see a difference in my body. It's a great environment to be in to stay motivated and disciplined. I would highly recommend this place to anyone. Another perk is that you pay only $75/month for unlimited classes - no contract or fees - you seriously cannot beat that!"


-Lilly Lumiere  (Boxing & Kickboxing Classes)



"Denis and Brett are good people. They know what they're talking about and are there to help you reach your goal. I'm glad i found them because they can push me when I can't push myself. Keep it up guys! I hope you have more followers!"


-Rennier (Arc) Razal  (Boxing Classes)



"Great space, great energy filled with wonderful people! Highly Recommend!!"


-Chelsea Anne Gardner   (Yoga Classes)



"I have been looking for a place like this for a long time. I am someone who always hated big corporation gyms like LA Fitness, NY Sports Club, Planet Fitness, etc. The people and the places always made me feel uncomfortable. I dislike when people stare at me while I am working out. It makes me feel like I am being judged, and I am never happy with crowds. I would have a gym membership yet preferred to workout at home instead of going and dealing with gym atmosphere. Invincible Ark Fitness is small, intimate and provides me with one on one attention. I feel comfortable working out there and that is the most important thing to me. The people are nice, no one stares at me and there is no judgement or crowds. Denis is strong, passionate, and extremely dedicated to you. I needed a meal plan and he was there. I needed to gain muscle tone, and Denis was there to help me. I wanted to get stronger and he helped me achieve it. Working out there has taught me discipline, enhanced my stamina, and gave me more knowledge than I already had. If your someone like me who dislikes big corporate gyms, and everything that comes with it, then this is the place for you!!"


-Flo Vebbi  (Kickboxing Classes)



"Amazing experience.. Best fitness class with Denis.. He is a motivating source of energy with great cardio & toning program for everyone. I feel better, losing some weight and toning up.. Highly recommend Denis & Invincible Ark Fitness.
Why Not Get Started Today! Feel better! Get motivated! See Results!"


-Delores Rubinich  



"Denis is able to keep me motivated by his positive attitude and always throwing in new exercises so I'm never bored. So glad I found Ark Fitness!"


-Arienne Orozco  (Personal Training)



"I have been going to Invincible Ark Fitness for six months now and I am very happy with this place.  Denis is a fantastic instructor and I enjoy all of his classes.  Brett the boxing instructor is also very good.  I have have lost weight and will continue to do so.  I am also learning to defend myself.  The atmosphere and the other patrons are quite pleasant and welcoming and their is no judgement here but encouragement. I feel happier and healthier as well as an increase in my self esteem.  Coming here is the highlight of my day I very much look forward to coming here in the years to come."


-Bryan Torres  (Personal Training, Martial Arts, Boxing, Kickboxing Classes)



"Great place to exercise  we all love Denis he is a great instructor  really makes the class fun and getting good results . I lost a few pounds and definitely some inches .It's  great physical therapy for my back . Denis puts together a program that fits every one I highly recommend  Invincible Ark Fitness any one any age."


-Joanne Ethey  (Senior Citizen Fitness)



"There is only one Denis Ark!  I was not a believer in personal training when my wife gave me this membership for my birthday, but I am now a devotee of Invincible Ark.  Not only is Denis incredibly knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition, but he is also wonderful at reading people and moods.  Somehow he knows exactly when to push and when to let things rest.  With him, I have found a perfect balance of weights and exercise, moving from old school lifting into resistance training into abs and breathing and everything else along the way.  As I said, there is only one Denis Ark and I feel extremely lucky to have hooked up with him.  It has already made a tremendous difference in my health and life overall!"


-Josh Humphrey  (Personal Training)



"I have been going to Denis for boxing and personal training for over a year. I am very particular and choose Denis because he is the real deal. He is a very passionate, knowledgeable, patient, and compassionate teacher. He creates an environment where you feel safe and inspired to meet your fitness goals. He doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walk."


-Jessica Elkin  (Boxing & Self-Defense)



"I've been with Denis for 6 months now and couldn't be happier. ALWAYS positive, very flexible and tailors every workout to each individual. I started with a severe back injury and now i'm deadlifting! and he has the patience of a saint. Always makes sure that you leave better than when you came in. would recommend to anyone in the area!"


-Devon Santana  (Personal Training)



"Denis is an awesome motivator, who creates a friendly, upbeat, positive atmosphere.  His Senior Citizens class gets results, whether you are experienced or new to exercise..... you will become stronger, gain better balance and have fun doing it.  I highly recommend checking out Invincible Ark Fitness."


-Jayne MacNeille  (Senior Citizen Fitness)



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