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Shaolin Invincible by Denis Ark


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Shaolin Invincible is volume one of a holistic series that is a curation of “nine gates,” which are the most common factors of the greatest and most successful martial artists in history.


The information within is distilled from studying legends like zen patriarch Bodhidharma, samurai warrior Miyamoto Musashi, and action superstar Bruce Lee. Also included are my own experiences from the past 20+ years in training martial arts & fitness, fighting competitions, meditation, and overall knowledge of health and wellness. The goal is to help readers connect the mind-body-spirit in harmony with these nine characteristics to achieve the ultimate success in life, invincibility.

Shaolin Invincible is the ultimate success handbook for martial artists. The book is a guide that incorporates martial arts philosophies and a holistic spiritual approach to cultivate power in the body that helps you fulfill your major purpose in life. The first three gates in this book are designed to help you find the warrior within you.

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