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Denis Ark | Kung Fu
Kung Fu


The study of Kung Fu is not just self-defense, it is a lifestyle. The style we train is called Hung Ga Kuen, which is not flashy like in the movies, but very PRACTICAL and has realistic methods that anyone can learn and use when needed.


As far as the lessons go, I keep all techniques practical so they can translate easily if you ever have to use them in self-defense situations. Furthermore, as a practitioner of various disciplines, I blend different concepts from other martial arts that I have trained like Boxing, Kickboxing, Jeet Kune Do, and Kali into our training for overall quality of striking & grappling methods, whether it's for competition or just feeling secure on the street.


There are other aspects to Kung Fu other than fighting like exercise, strengthening the body, and the cultivation of internal health. Since there is so much depth involved, it becomes practice that lasts a lifetime, which takes excellent strength and self-discipline.


My goal as a trainer is to provide those who are interested in learning — a fun, safe environment to explore and develop themselves while training with a good group of like-minded individuals. 


Kung Fu Class Rates:

   $80.00 per month (unlimited)

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