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HIIT Training (featured in our Kickboxing Classes and Saturday Fitness)

Crafting the perfect workout for everyone's specific training goals is not easy. When I first got into this business, I never realized how amazing the structure of the human body really was. Ever since, I have been on a journey of discovery on how to maximize the potential of individual differences while training, therefore balancing my clients personalities, with their energy transmission.

One of the best methods to maximize every workout or training session is with Interval Training. This particular form of training provides an effective blend of cardio, plyometric, isometric, and strength training exercises to transform the body into its best shape, however there is a science to it. Every training session, including Interval training, must have direction and a purpose. Without these two key factors, you are left working out like a nut, and lost in a sea of sweat, without any energy left to swim out of it.

Every training session, including Interval training, must have direction and a purpose. Interval training is an excellent training method and one used by many legends, one in particular Bruce Lee. As I studied Bruce Lee's workouts thoroughly for the past 15 years, I was amazed by how much strength training with weights was a part of his daily routine. He was a big proponent of interval training, especially when running, jumping rope, exercising with weights, or practicing his martial arts drills. As a fellow martial artist, it was easy to adapt these methods to my own training, and I am blessed that I can share some of this knowledge with my clients.

Luckily, a lot of people and gym-goers are tuned-in to the benefits of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), which spices up every workout session, and the results are tried-and-true. In my personal training sessions as well as my classes especially Kickboxing, and my Saturday Fitness Class, I have been able to adapt the bootcamp functional training format with a purposeful HIIT program. The benefits during the Cardio-Kickboxing workouts are tremendous. Not only does your body release toxins when sweating, the workouts have direction and purpose, which is the most important factor. You sweat, get conditioned, stretch for flexibility, lose weight, feel great, build muscle, all the while learning how to defend yourself. It's a BIG SCORE on all levels.

Now that spring is near, please join us and get your body ready for Summer shorts, tank tops and bikini's. Having a six-pack doesn't have to entail carrying beer.

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