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Spring Plan for Weight loss (How to lose 10lbs by April 1st)

So here are some easy to follow tips that I created to lose 10lbs in one month. Most importantly, the safest way to losing weight with out gaining it all back or even more than you started with is 1-2lbs per week, any more than that stresses the body forcing negative long term results.

1. Eliminate Bread, Rice, and Pasta. (Add more vegetables to your diet)

Limit the carbs :)

2. Eliminate all Sugar (Exception 1 piece of fruit a day in the morning)

Even fruit is high in sugar, so be careful and try avoid eating fruit at night when the metabolism is at its slowest.

3. Only drink WATER! (Nothing Else).

If you want to be serious, you have to get serious. If you have to drink alcohol as a necessity, don't expect to lose 10lbs. You may have 1 drink a week, Enjoy it :) I wouldn't do any more than that, if you want serious results.

4. Lastly, WALK EVERY SINGLE DAY for at least one full hour, or 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes at night. You don't have to join a gym, or get on a weight loss nutritional plan. The metabolism is powerful, and nothing gets the metabolism and the flow of blood circulation stronger than walking! Have a friend, or family member join you, or even your dog!

These 4 tips are very easy, and if you commit to them for one month, you will succeed in losing at least 10lb guaranteed. Start today, document it! Take a picture of yourself, then another at the end of the month.

Please email me ( the results, and you will be featured in our next newsletter. It's only one month, and I promise by April 1st, it will have all been worth it.

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