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Self-Respect & Self-Love

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Your body is your temple which houses your mind and soul. It is made in the perfection of the Universe. It is something to be cherished, loved, and respected. These days I feel, however, that this concept is lost on many women especially young women. In my opinion, there are many factors that contribute to this breakdown of self-respect and self-love.

For starters, if we take a look at the music industry and the many ways in which a woman’s body is objectified; it becomes very clear. A woman is a beautiful creature by nature and there is much to be admired but it has been taken way too far. The worst part is that it is not only men that do this but women who go right along with this exploitation. All you have to do is take a look at recent music videos or award shows.

Then, young woman try to imitate these dance videos which call attention to themselves for all the wrong reasons. I am not saying a girl can’t have fun but there needs to be an unspoken, or sometimes spoken, moral code that supersedes.

This brings me to another point in today’s society of how many girls give themselves up to men so easily and then wonder why a man is not calling them or respecting them.

I am not saying that there are not exceptions to the rule; but through much research and discussion, it has become pretty clear to me that men can spot a woman who respects herself rather quickly. She walks differently and carries herself in a way that exudes the phrase “I respect my body and will not accept anything less.”

I believe much of this “epidemic” stems from a lack of respect and a breakdown in self esteem.

Therefore, I propose that we, as women, take back our self image and change the wave of the future. We must love ourselves in all of our forms and teach the younger generation to love themselves as well.

Only then can we truly honor all that we are as women and individuals.

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